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I just posted a new track, the first of a serie to achieve my "Bluestar" album.
I promise I'll post more, and more often now, I work hard for that ! ... un-factory

Musically, it's an experimental for me, please tell me if you like that stuff (I don't know exactly what it is…).
Then we'll see if I prepare new trips in other factories or if you'd like to travel this one more times.
And if you need some supplies, you can send your order to grandpa :D

That's real good! Hypnotizing. Only one thing, I think the solos could match the feeling better, the beat is all in-your-face but the solos aren't that energetic. Not really a problem, just something I thought of. What plugins do you mainly use for the leads?
Cant quite place the time and place this music reminds me of, it feels like it classic 80's, but then its not, very good i have to say.

Thank you for the feedback.

Krupu, most of the sounds on that album are the basics from Nexus, and a few "Crank" sounds.

If you want to know the exact name for one particular sound, tell me.

Incorruptable, I think it remembers you 1930 decade, in one recent past life.

Things have changed a lot, you were very corruptable at this time ;)

AXLSANG wrote:
Fri Jun 14, 2019 3:31 pm

Things have changed a lot, you were very corruptable at this time ;)


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