Autotune an audiofile

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Hey there!

I've been trying to do some autotuning using GSnap in LMMS and Audacity. I managed to do quite a few things, but not exactly what I hoped for. Here is what I would ideally want :

What I have :

* My original audiofile, where I start by singing a D
* A melody I wrote on an LMMS instrument that starts with an A

What I want :

Using GSnap, I hope that the audiofile gets autotuned to fit the melody so that my D note gets autotuned to an A for example.

How I think it should be done :

From other videos, I gathered that I should use the "snap to MIDI" option in GSnap and then select my melody as the MIDI, but I haven't been able to do that selection.

I'm not sure if it was quite clear. I'm also not sure at all if this is something that can be done with the free softwares LMMS and Audacity. I've found some people doing it on youtube, but not with either of those really.
AnthonyB wrote:
Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:40 pm
I hope that the audiofile gets autotuned to fit the melody so that my D note gets autotuned to an A for example.
Ok, but not really a LMMS question. It is a GSnap function/ usage question :)
I do not know GSnap, but i do know Audacity, and in audacity, you should be able to tune -not autotune, but 'simply' change pitch/key from your current values, to one you select, and that could be D->A
It wont be auto-tune, but the imported file would replay 5 semitone lower. d would play as a
OBS i wrote 5 semitones.
That is important
A shift from d to a could also me made by chaning it 7 semitones UP, but never do that! Alway tune to the lowest number of semitones! The longer the distance in semitones, the less quality!
The higher buffer-value you can get in the tune-process, the better. Im not at a pc with Audacity, so i cant remember if it has a buffering, but if it does, use it if your pc support it

GSnap i know noothink about Image
I know it's not really an LMMS question, but it's not really a GSnap question either because I don't mind using something else if it can do that :P So, I'm basically asking if anyone can do that functionality and how :)

Regarding tuning on Audacity, it's not quite what I was looking for, but I'm eager to try it out! The one thing though is that if you google "tune Audacity" you only get pages about auto-tuning and I can't seem to find a manual tuning option in Audacity :P