How to make a MIDI control track and connect GSnap to it

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Hello world!

I have some questions that I have not been able to find an answer on my own:

First, I'd like to make a MIDI control track like the piano roll, that controls external or internal instrument. I have not been able figure out how to do this, except with a built in instrument track, when I use any of the built in synthesizers. Any good tutorials on that? I found only one in youtube that used the bass/drum line to create a MIDI track inside a soundless instrument, that seemed a bit unorthodox way to do it. Is there some "correct" way to do a MIDI control track with piano roll or something similar?

Second question is about GSnap "autotune" plugin. The question is the same as brought up in this thread viewtopic.php?f=7&t=268, that has not been answered. So what I am trying to do, is I have a vocals coming trough sample track, that I run trough the GSnap "autotune" imported as a filter plugin. I want the autotune to tune the vocal track to a note that is playing in MIDI track. GSnap has an option to "snap to MIDI", but I don't seem to be able to find where I can set the midi track to control the plugin. Any help on that?

Snap to MIDI in GSnap:

Tutorial about GSnap what I want to do in LMMS:

Follow up question on GSnap, is it supposed to be used as a filter or as a VeSTige instrument?
Same question as in the previous thread, as a filter, I can't get MIDI input and as an instrument, there is no audio going through the GSnap.

I am running on Win10 and LMMS version 1.2.1.
Sanchoman2020 wrote:
Thu Jan 16, 2020 4:22 pm
Hello world!
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I'd like to make a MIDI control track like the piano roll, that controls external or internal instrument.
I found only one in
Oooo that is i think ~8-9 y old. This was before lmms had any vsts support at all. Some synths had stand-alone-capacities
-meaning that they could run on a pc without any embedding in a DAW.
Another option was to run the synth inside VSTHost, and use midi, to connect to VSTHost, and the VST in VSTHost.
So it was either
* Use a stand-alone-VST
* Use VSTHost
The issue was lag
The attack event of the midi-linked instrument was 'late' in respect to the note-event in LMMS, and still is..
Today this means nothing
LMMS can host almost any VST inside, and use them free of any lag
Ofcause a 'layer' of instruments are an useful option, but then again..
How big an isue is it to right-click a noteblock and paste-copy it to a different in a stacked group?
Personally i have no midi device, and i do not use midi in/out.
My reasons are:
* Lag issues
* confusion about where the sound comes from, because nothing indicates a midi-bound output
* CPU-usage -That was important, after an upgrade thats unimportant, but for others it could be an issue
Imo midi-routing through a stack is a convulated and confusing way to use several instruments, but sure you can do it.
* In Settings the miditable of your computer must be activated
* the midi-control-instrument need to send-out
* midi-reacting instruments need to recieve on channel-1
Then you have your 'stack', but copied notes does the same, and imo more logically -if you do choose the midi-way i strongly advise you to make a note about in projects-notes. In 3 mnt-time you wont know what play from where and why :p

Cant help with gSnap. I dont know it. I believe its a commercial VST
Thanks for your reply!

You are right, the MIDI is not really an issue even running it under empty instrument. It would just look more neat to have it as a separate track.

Good that you mentioned the MIDI settings, I didn't even thought that the MIDI setting of the PC might affect the use. I will look into that.

GSnap is free and they have quite impressive portfolio of different instruments and effects, though I haven't tried others besides the GSnap.

The confusion I have is that when I load the GSnap VST as an effect, I can get it working, but filters don't have midi input in LMMS as far as I understand? Therefore I can only use it for static notes.
When I load it as an instrument through VeSTige, I can't get audio through it, but MIDI works.

Maybe that could be added to a wishlist, that effects could get MIDI in support.
Sanchoman2020 wrote:
Fri Jan 17, 2020 11:01 pm
GSnap is free and they have quite impressive portfolio
I took a look at GSnap
There is a problem:
The first paragraph in the manual:
GSnap is an auto-tune effect. It can be used subtly to correct the pitch of a vocal, or, with more extreme settings, to create a robot-voice effect. It requires a monophonic input signal to operate.
It requires a monophonic input signal to operate
LMMS has non!
Maby a stereo.matrix inserted before would work, but monophonic it is not
Ok, thanks! Good to know that I wont bang my head against the wall for nothing.
Since GSnap is out of the question, does anyone have experience on a autotune VST that works with LMMS, free or commercial?