LMMS hosts Alberton live 9: Tribal Progressive House

Share and discuss your LMMS music projects here, and see what people think!
I do this as a hobby apart from academics, Feedback will be much appreciated
there is a combination of LMMS and Alberton Live 9, Most work done in LMMS :)

Nice rhythm.
I've played a lot with Ableton before starting with LMMS, but I am curious to know why did you use it.
At first I thought about layering vocals but after listening and checking that you did not have any, I am genuinely confused why you even needed it.
Yeah, I was just trying Alberton for the first time and it was hard for me so I just exported the toms, hats, and percussions I have made and import them at LMMS and continue there.
Quick question, if you own Ableton Live then why would you want to come back to LMMS? is LMMS better/superior?
Well, I am using LMMS for several reasons:
The Ableton Live 9 was a 30-day trial
I only produce music as one of the hobbies, and I do not wish to make it permanent because I have other commitments that I prioritize and I believe LMMS is just enough for me to enjoy my free time do that.