Why lmms?

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It's a simple question, why chose lmms as your first option? Why not just get the latest albelton from some shady website or try cracked version of fl studio and then later on pay and use the legal version once you start making money? I mean nobody will notice in your tracks that you've used an illegal copy of the software.

Personally, I started off with lmms back when I used to use the family PC so I couldn't download anything illegal, my parents wouldn't allow me, and now three (closer to four) years in I'm used to lmms, although I hate the inconvenience of having to use audacity for all the vocal tracks and tempo changes, it's still easier than learning how to use a new DAW and secondly because pirating software is kind of an insult to the people who made it, by not giving them what they deserve for making it.

I'm just intrested to see why people are choosing LMMS over pirated software especially considering that the number of people using LMMS has almost skyrocketed in the last year or so.
maskeo wrote:
Fri Feb 14, 2020 7:02 pm
why people are choosing LMMS over pirated software
And that answers that

The success of LMMS has resulted in a quite unexpected development.
Today you can get free versions of most of the commercial DAW, even ProTools now have a free version.
In my mind i believe that the 'big ones' has felt LMMS' influence on the marked, and that has caused them to rethink strategies. Most of the free-versions has limitations, but cakewalk has optioned for pay-what-you-like
Are there any major artists using LMMS?
From what I last noticed, even cubician does not use LMMS nowadays.
I am on Linux, most Daw we know do not have a Linux version.

I ones tried Ardour, but did not like it much.

For now I am not limited by LMMS. This might come one day.

The only thing right now I do miss, is support for Linux vst, but through Carla this should be possible already.
Then I hope we see support for the newer calf plugins soon and automation of all of zynaddsubfx.