Four to the Floor

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I know what 4 to the floor means, thanks to this forum but....

4.44 What is All Young doing ?

I have been trying a lot but in lmms it never sounds like what he is doing ?
I noticed how he is switching one hand, but I cant get my head around on how to do that in LMMS.
I clearly need to leave one hit out, were he switches, but I am lost.

He also states its about the groove, but I seem to fail at getting that groove :(

Allot of disco makes me wanna dance instantly. but when I try it in LMMS, I do not get that feeling.

( off topic not political correct joke, am I to white to make a funky groove ? )

I know LMMS does not have humination function, but we should be able to do this by hand, by moving notes in the piano roll?

House / disco 120 bpm. :)

For my attempt at a house track I am now at 122 bpm, so at least that part is about right.

House the revenge of disco :P
Gps wrote:
Mon Mar 23, 2020 1:08 pm
4.44 What is All Young doing ?
a lot and doing well :P
Nah you ned to narrow it in
He has two sounds onbeat -I would say he hits the bass-drum in a shift-pattern
hard| soft| hard| soft....
but he adds a snare on every second .. must be all softs
Then he plays the hat in that way we have talked once.
Remember i told you that a drummer had explained the 'elastic' hit on a hat?
It dont go tzi tzi tzi
but tzi-tz tzi-tz tzi-tz -a double touch simply from the spring of the sticks
In lmms we would add a dampened 'after-hit' on the 2. tick
... on your pc, do you have a project named brodance i believe i send you something with that double hat-hit(?)
he is switching one hand
Not sure that is anything but 'showoff'
( off topic not political correct joke, am I to white to make a funky groove ? )
I know LMMS does not have humination function
ye and ney.. There is not a auto-method, but as you say it is feasible as manual fidling
House the revenge of disco :P
Disco was getting parodic stale and flashy not for sound, but for show. EDM took a harder approach and added electronica sounds. EDM is not as mold-formed as disco was -Will it be? Njea.. EDM has just 'more' than one direction (no pun..) Remember -its your own picture afair :p
Thank you, now I know what to try next first. That elastic hit. :)

And I do remember us talking about it before.

Its a big frustration for me, but I usual learn allot when I get frustrated, but refuse to give up. :)

Was watching a few documentaries, about disco and the start of edm.
I was quite young when that happened, and never understood it.
Now because of the documentaries, I am starting to see why.

Some racism was involved, allot of drugs and allot of gays. That did no go well with allot more conservative people.
I also think that like with all music that gets popular, it get commercial to a point, it all sounds the same.

I do remember some people telling me I should not like certain records any-more because it was disco.
I always liked certain disco, and never let people stop me liking it.

Silver Convention - Fly Robin Fly. :P

And for the younger readers, about the flashy part musikbear mentioned:

Divine - Shoot you shot ( and yes that's a guy in a red dress )

Or in a blue dress.
Divine - you think you're a man

All we need to score a hit, 4 to the floor and a synthesizer. ;)

Sue me for liking it, I don't care. :P
Wait a minute. :P
Didn't you guys have a similar conversation like this before? :mrgreen: