Found something they ripped off but find the rip off.

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I will get back to how I found this, I am not even sure I have ever heard it before, but still recognized it.

Now who stole this or should we call it got inspired by this, more recent.
They did not just use the lyrics. Who can help me out ? So I can sleep again. :P

Now how I found this through you tube, one of my favourite Disco tracks.
That's were I know people's choice from.

( the basis for edm is there, one funky bassline over and over again, with breaks ) :P
Gps wrote:
Sun May 17, 2020 9:52 pm
still recognized it.
may even be a ripoff of a ripoff, i think theres one more level .. You second link was not the one i recognized, but what that is... i cant dig up
Funny though how a lot of the disco-stars stole from each other, and this was long before sampling and african bombarda, that afaik never wrote one note on his own :p

"All of your samples are belonging to us"
Or was it only bass-samples...? I forget.............
Allot of the early hip hop , was some R&B or soul sample with more heavy kicks.

I ones got a cassette of james brown from a girfriend.

I recognized about all songs, but from samples used in hip hop, I did not know the originals from james brown.

And lol about africa bombatta.

Africa bombatta & the soul sonic force - looking for the perfect beat ? :P

That was considered origenal.