This One Is For The Misfits

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You should have called this the Super explicit version. :P

WHAT DO U KNOW - Good. The distant sound of the vocals is really good. But use a bit less of it.

DEATH ft Vitality - Wooah! That is some really good rhyming dude.

FOLLOW ME TO HELL - I like the distant sound of the vocals in this.

GLAD THAT I'M DEAD - Dude! That beat is super dope. And it really goes well with the vocals. The only problem is that it is super short though.

Revenge Is Bittersweet (prod Troiani) - This one good too. I was surprised it was so short.

Despite the explicit lyrics in all of the tracks, the vocals, beats, effects and music sound really good.
Good work.
I loved the list. I would like to know more about what you will get in the future. Could you give me your Facebook, would I be more connected there?
How long did it take to you to create this list? How much time do you create music?