Trying to replicate some music

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I have spoken to the producers of the following music and told them I am using it to teach myself how to use LMMS by ear.. They're OK about it.

I've got stuck at 0:36 where a violin comes in as a rhythm _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The producers told me it was violin strings

I've spent days trying to get this sound. Can anyone suggest an instrument plus effects?
Someone here will probably know better than me, but the closest thing I've used to that sound is the sonatina viola which I think I got here:

If you do try it - you have to set it to violas staccato on the controller as the default is violas sustain.
Thanks for that

I downloaded the dll and loaded the plugin via Vestige but got an error message ' no instruments can be found'

Obviously I've done something wrong
Problem solved with the installation....
Thank you for your help

I'm still stuck at creating the violin synth that is a steady _ _ _ _ _ _ that comes in at 0:36

I can't make out the note lengths. If someone could listen to it and let me know what they think the note lengths are, I would be most grateful. I just can't recreate this particular track

This is the music