Getting automation to work with plugins hosted on Carla

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Hello everybody.I have little experience using LMMS and I want to know whether it's possible to use the automation tool to automate the parameters of the plugins hosted by Carla(I mean the builtin "Carla Rack" plugin).

Say I want to automate the LP filter cutoff of the ZynAddSubFx LV2 plugin and I use the Slot 0 of the Macro learn tool.In Ardour someone can simply right-click on the track and then select Automation->Processor automation->ZynAddSubFX->Slot 1.

Is there a similar feature in LMMS?
Beside that is it possible to automate the parameters of the plugins such as Calf Reverb that hasn't the MIDI learn functionality at all?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards.
As far as I know its not possible yet, but it will be.

Don't know when though.