Favourite type of video game? Why?

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Hi there!
Guys, let's share down below this post our favourite types of video games with a few reasons explaining the choice :)
I like action RPGs. The reason is simple - that is the 1st ever computer game I have played. After that I still love RPGs more than anything else. At the moment my #1 is Path of Exile. Just play it at least once and you are definitely going to become its fan ;) to be a success in the game you need a significant number of exalted orcs. I recommend to get them here [Link Removed] Because if you use other services you can get banned as they don't offer any data protection for their customers.
I love some of the good old arcade classics.

My favourite there is probably robotron.

I still need to find a way, to connect two joy sticks to my pc.
One is for moving, the other one is for shooting.


In general I Like fps , scif fi or horror related the most.
Zappacosta wrote:
Wed Oct 14, 2020 9:43 pm
Hi there!
Guys, let's share down below this post our favourite types of video games with a few reasons explaining the choice :)

Uhhhh ... LMMS and Among Us?
Now a days I prefer cartoony platformers. I think its a nostalgia thing. Back when I played a lot of video games I'd also have liked action-adventure, FPS and fighter games. Kingdom Hearts was the only action RPG I ever played the whole way through. I'd like it give the FFVII remake a go.
My favorite one is ESO. This is a great game for any Elder Scrolls fan. I am completely addicted and have ESO plus but you get a lot with the subscription more than with other game subscriptions out there especially now that both Summerset and Morrowind are unlocked through the plus now and Morrowind is included in base game and Elsweyr will more than likely be this year. For people complaining about the grind there really is not much of a grind if you know where to farm gold and how to level quickly using daily rewards you get for just logging in like experience scrolls.
My favorite video game type is probably going to be racing games, because I am a huge car nut. Racing real cars gets very expensive very fast, so being able to play around with no large monetary risks is amazing. Also, with a lot of events still shut down due to covid, it's a great moral support to still be able to mess around within the hobby from the confines of home.

Outside of racing, I really like rouge lite games, with Risk of Rain 2 being my current favorite. There's something great about starting a round from the beginning and battling through as many stages as possible before being taken out. Some of the run-ending deaths are hilarious, like you couldn't come up with something better. Fell off the stage right into a baby hostile that does that final few HP? Too good.

To wrap up this comment, I almost feel like it would be impossible to not mention Minecraft. Love it or hate it, it has stood the test of time with almost unbeatable repeatability and new features to draw new and old players alike back into the game. I've been playing it on and off since the alpha releases, and I'll probably never be able to fully set it down.
Favourite game..
This weeks free-game on Epic-store 😂

Atm this house is 3 feet deep in Siberian mud and sand..
Fights for the keyboard-position is not uncommon
Otherwise, anything i could or can mod the breachers off, so Battlefield comes in at a high level :)
Love making maps and new mechanics objects, and object-controllers.
People wouldn't believe this, but I like da fighting games. Moreso old school fighting games. And I like racing games, puzzle games, and adventure games too.
I love MMO and MOBA becase of its competitive spirit