New track out - Maybe the best sound design of my life (yet)

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So I just discovered TDR Nova, a FREE dynamic EQ, (look it up on Google), and it's totally a game-changer if you love sound design and if you aren't afraid of messing up with automation.

I implemented the same filters I usually use with the default LMMS EQ, but the audio quality is so much better, and you have more freedom with some of the tools it offers. Obviously, there are workarounds for the same effects, but with much more effort.

Basically, you can use Nova for dynamic compression, amplification, noise softening, freq removal, etc,
I still can improve so much, and I want to keep working on this track, but I also don't want to keep doing the same thing over and over again, with no feedback, and I already enjoy it as is. So I decided to release it.

TLDR: I discovered a Free dynamic EQ called TDR Nova, and this is my new track.
Soundcloud: Canilho - Hold On
Nice track! Beautiful sound texture, reminds me a lot of the Cynic Project (which I haven't thought about in years, so thanks for that). I'll have to check out that EQ.