What is glitch hop to you?

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Ok maybe it’s just one of those marketing gimmick adverts…

But to me I think the artist woulg makes glitch hop…
But you might think its idm…

But from what i heard labeled as glitch hop to me it’s just bass music…which isnt glitch hop

To me glitch hop is idm+hip hop like woulg and maybe autechre.

I tried making a few times but it sucked because it was too abstract and not contemporary enough. 192.168.o.1
Hi, welcome to the forum.
It's the first time I ever heard about glitch-hop so I went to look it up.

Glitch sounds are very self-explanatory, basically, you chop very tiny portions of a sample, and randomize it a little bit. You can use them while performing very short and quick drum patterns, or just chopping the song itself while playing. There are many other ways to use glitch sounds. You are only limited if you lack imagination.

The hop I think there is nothing original about it. It kind of feels like a trap beat, but without the unpredictability, or basically like any other typical EDM beat we all enjoy, which is not bad at all, and probably it's very enjoyable because of the constant repetitions, however musically, it is not very interesting.

Thanks for adding a new reference for me to look up.
I will definitely pay some attention to this style.