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Working on a theme for LMMS? Post progress and get feedback.
Cameleon theme for LMMS
link: https://lmms.io/lsp/?action=show&file=18577


The topic was created for those who would like to report any bugs.
I would also like to get your feedback on what you like and don't like.

The goal was to recreate the default experience of LMMS while maximizing visual satisfaction.
All great programs should look great at the same time - this attracts new users.



New composition:
- all buttons and toolbars now are mostly flat
- better spacing and sizeing of buttons

New Palette:
- goal: keep the character of the default colors
- soft pastel colors, easy on the eyes,
- main green now is more blueish
- peach red accents for contrast
- soft orange for samples
- yellowish green for Piano trackview and notes
- deep blue for BB trackview and BB buttons (pads)
- more pinkish purple for Automation trackview and graph
- less contrasting Pianoroll
- maintoolbar oscilator with same color palette

- send buttons in FX mixer now are clear and symbolic arrows
- new led lights
- better maintoolbar sliders
- new screenscroll sliders
- new arrows
- new effects chain background
- new knobs
- better BB buttons (pads) and better scalling them on fullscreen
- fresh wave-buttons
- better Pianoroll – added gentle gradient (more soft looking)
- better Automation Editor – same as above
- new fader leds and background (FX mixer)
- fresh buttons: "x100", "/100", "x1" in LFO controller
- completly new splashscreen
- new, matching background



BTW: What the best size of images for this forum? Cause Full HD has weird scaling...
Is this gonna be ported to 1.3? As of now when I load this theme into the 1.3 alpha (along with other 1.2 themes) all of the keys become totally black and the note labels on TCOs aren't scaled correctly, though otherwise it works perfectly fine. I really love this theme too!
I'm seeing a problem in this theme.
Happens in 1.3 alpha and 1.2 (stable).
(Image doesn't seem to load, here's the link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kXRaRO ... s-QKH/view )
I am not good at coding, actually i barely know anything about it but i installed N++ to see the lines of the style.css for the piano roll issue in the new 1.3 Alpha release. I also compared the code lines with the ones from 1.2.2 and I think all the parameters need to be changed one by one to work on 1.3 alpha or future beta / stable release, because there were some changes from the latest 1.2.2 release. I`m sure you know way much more things than me and probably you already found it. I also think, if I`m not wrong, that the developer of other top themes, I think the Candy Aurora / Aurora United made the changes for the themes already to fit the new alpha release, maybe you can ask to see how to proceed.

Thank you once again for this beautiful amazing theme which for now is my top choice and I am so excited to see it implemented in 1.3 beta or stable release.

Hello, TheQuazioPL!
Cameleon is a very cool theme, but too dark for my taste. So for my personal needs, I made a compilation of several themes that I think are the best for this program.

I named this theme Auron (Aurora+Cameleon). The details are in the end of this thread, and you can look at screenshots on RATAKU.

Unfortunately for some reason I can't create an account on the LMMS Sharing Platform. Always - Authentication Failure, and I can't write there in the comments.

So you can only download and look at this "craft" from here.
Is the piano roll keyboard supposed to be dark gray with black? (I took a screenshot...)

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1t368Ok ... sp=sharing

Aside from that, it's a visually appealing theme!
Same issue, piano roll keyboard is invisible.
I hope for an update of the theme to match the Alpha 1.3.0. It would be awesome!

I am pleased with such a positive reception of this theme. You've given me a lot of answers. I have not seen many of these problems with my eyes. Due to the fact that it is difficult with my free time, I do not know when I will improve it and update the theme to 1.3. It takes a tremendous amount of time from me. I just did the whole theme by trial and error looking for problems only on my hardware. I am sorry that this may disappoint you, but I will be able to come back to it in the future. Maybe I'll surprise you again.