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I really like to sing songs and put it on Soundcloud so that other people can get acquainted with my work. Of course I had followers, but I always wanted to be at least a little popular. And recently I found a SoundCloud promotion and decided to try it so I could get more followers. And I can say that this approach gave me excellent results. I will continue to use this.

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Hey there! First off, happy 1 year on SoundCloud! 🎉 It's great that you've been sharing your music journey with the community. I gave your track "Crowns" a listen, and I understand your frustration with the unexpected alterations to the sound.

SoundCloud can sometimes compress and process audio files, affecting the original quality of your tracks. The issue you mentioned around the 3:08 mark could indeed be related to compression artifacts or unintended modifications during the upload process.

To enhance the fidelity of your uploads, consider exporting your tracks in high-quality formats like WAV or FLAC before uploading. Additionally, double-check SoundCloud's recommended settings for optimal audio quality to minimize potential alterations.