What The Heck Are "Pads" Anyway?

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I hear people refer to "pads" all the time, but I don't know what they are.

apparently, they are NOT referring to drum pads (are they?)

What am I missing here?
@ umcaruje nice link I did not know this one yet.

@ Planet:

Usually a pad is just a syth with FX and lots of attack.
I'll post a good example soon.
So look out for it. 8-)
Okay, here is one.
4:08 secs to 4:20 secs.
That soft sounding ooooooooo,......ooooooooo thing playing from the start of the 2nd music track onward, is the ambient pad for this soundtrack.

Now you have an idea, of what a pad is.

PS: There are many pads, used for the music tracks, in this youtube music video.
Try to find them. 8-)