New Hosting

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LMMS is proud to announce that website hosting is now sponsored by DigitalOcean.

DigitalOcean offers open source projects hosting credits that can be applied to VPS server droplets.


Quoting @liushuyu:
I think LSP and forum should now load faster since the new server is a faster instance w/ 2 threads
So if the site runs a bit better, please visit DigitalOcean's pages and give them a like!


good news.
Aye, cool! 8-)
Two years ago, I refused the services of this hosting service due to poor quality of work. I lost a very large amount of money at that time, because of the unprofessional attitude to their work on the part of technical support. When I was left without money, my friend advised me a cheap, but high-quality and one of the best hosting servers.
Great news for those who create and sell websites.We need to pay more attention from journalists at the moment.
Super cool! I know their services are pretty nice!
congratulations, this is a big step forward for you