Machina : LMMS DnB

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Hi guys,

My turn to promote my new track ! Here are as usual the YouTube (with videos made in Blender) and SoundCloud links :

Hope you'll like it. Fell free to comment or advice.

Cheers !
Like wow! This track sounds really amazing dude. :D
I like the whole uplifting style of it too.
OMG! This is absolutely amazing! Hiqh quality track made in the software we love.

Have a great day! Cheers!
Which presets/synths did you use for this? Sounds cool. Melody progression isn't quite my style, but this is good quality.
I was going to say a lot more, but then my browser crashed on me and all of my scribblings were up in smoke. Still, I liked it enough to try again. I think I'm going to keep a little backup in notepad in the future. Anyways, let's keep this brief.

This is really high quality! It's definitely above the level of production in which I would be able to spot any problems. The only thing I could complain about would maybe be the clap and hihat being a little quiet in parts, but then they're not even really the focus. The synths are great as well in there is a lot of scope in the production. That kick in the main part is something to fall in love with though. There's only one small thing: One of the notes in the melody at 1:25 feels a little cut off. Maybe it's just really short and this is a result of the instruments attack and release making the little break a lot less clear than it could be. Maybe instead it could just hold the note and some automation track could pull down the volume really quickly for that part and then push it back up just as fast, to avoid the attack and release entirely. But it's a really small thing and might not even be all that noticable in general. It certainly wasn't enough to disturb the experience for me.

The track does a really great job of introducing its material, then making use of it. There are no sudden shifts to something completely unexpected. This is great, especially considering its EDM, absolutely nothing pulled me out of the experience. It also never grinds on one pattern or beat for too long, the small breaks from the heavy main beat help to keep it fresh when it hits again. I have a tendency to complain about the "swoosh" effect for leading into new sections, but here it is used really well. I like that synth sliding up its pitch as well, it does the same job in a even more exciting way.

As I commented on YouTube, it was an immediate addition to my EDM playlist. Also this is not really related to the music specifically, but thats a really cool video. The aesthetics remind me of the look of old demo records covers (fittingly also containing EDM) - this kind of stuff:
Hi brandystarbrite, Mastartiq, Monospace and Mampfwurm,

Thanks all of you for your nice comments I really appreciate.

About your questions and suggestions :

- Monospace : For the leads, chords, bass, etc I usually use VST's like Vital, helm, Kairatune or ToneZ. I try to produce my own sounds and usually layer the leads to give more impacts. For that one I used Vital. It's a very good free alternative to Serum. For the kick, snares hats and percussions I usually use free samples made by more or less famous artists. For that one I used some
Erb n Dub, Skifonix, Dnb Academy and Antidote samples. For the effects I usually use native lmms effects or free alternatives like Melda Productions effects, Ori, OTT, Camel Crusher etc...

- Mampfwurm Thanks a lot for your detailed comment about the clap and the hi hat you're right it could indeed be a little be more present. I'll try to be more careful next time. The kick is actually layered kicks. With the right combination it can give cool stuffs. About the melody cutoff at 1:25 I indeed put shortest note at that part. And it's sidechained with the kicks and the snares that's why you feel and attack (if I understand well what what's going on, it's due to the sidechain release). Hahaha that Taucher cover gives me nostalgia about the 90s, early 2000s EDM. Everything looked so futuristic :D .

Again thanks the 4 of you.