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Drummer - Seattle, WA or Anywhere

Posted: Fri Sep 01, 2023 7:30 am
by ahull0
Hi there,
Very straightforward post: I'm looking for a drummer.

I've written a record with the intent to go into studio and produce a final product worth listening to. All guitar parts (rhythm and lead), bass guitar parts, vocal melodies, and lyrics are done. Lyrically everything it through-composed and reads like poetry.

I really don't have any preferences stylistically. I don't care if you've recorded before or not. I just want to work with someone that has a desire to be heard in this great vacuous thing we have to abide in. It's eight tracks, with a little bit of everything sprinkled throughout.

I'm open to negotiating rates depending on some factors that we can agree on. This has been a long gestating art project for me (started working on it back in '17) and I'd love to finally press it to vinyl and be done with it.