Hello! Total newb to music production! Any tips?

Share and discuss your LMMS music projects here, and see what people think!
Hello! I recently just got into the music making hobby, and I'd really like some help if at all possible!

I aim to eventually make my own songs using LMMS, but I was thinking of starting off with remixes and covers of songs, just to get to know the program and to get started mobdro !

However, I'm no music student, and I'm definitely not used to LMMS as a program... and I don't really know where to begin to even get started on any project. So, if you guys have any advice for a beginner like me, I'm all ears!
hedarosan wrote:
Tue Sep 05, 2023 6:35 am
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I don't really know where to begin to even get started on any project.
First you need to learn the program.
I recommend my video Rookie-Guide -you find the link in by signature below.
Then you need to get the most basic insight in music-theory. I have a handful of videos on that too

In case you get deeply interested in theory, a very good page is 8notes, but you do not need that depth in theory at all
Starting with remixes and fan-recreates are good decisions!
I started with LMMS, too, but I didn't exactly like it. It's essential to watch online tutorials and start simple. If you're considering more professional software, I'd recommend Pro Tools, which is perfect for everybody, beginners and pros. It has automated features which refine your songs, and I absolutely love it. See here for more details about it.
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