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Thoughts about creator fatigue...and future plans

Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2023 4:48 pm
by emanthehouseboy
Happy Thursday, Team LMMS...

What are your thoughts on a beat maker taking a break due to creator fatigue? I think I'm experiencing that right about now! I've made about 72 beats over a span of 4 years and I can't seem to begin on the next one(s) for the current month. Could it be the pace of the genre's cycle changing quickly, or could it be at the point where the maker has run out of ideas? In my case, I have a lot on my plate. I'm about to start a new podcast with background music that I've already created in house with LMMS as well as participating in a 2nd one with others. Hopefully, I can overcome this and continue, or just take a short break and return. I'm thinking of taking a break from making beats for the rest of 2023, and returning in 2024 so that I can get those aforementioned things up and running, and also getting some rest--for next year (August) will be 5 years that I've been doing this.

Furthermore, I'm thinking of creating full-length LPs and EPs with the future beats (some vocal and mostly instrumental) I create with LMMS, and revising recent and older beats along with doing the artwork and uploading it to Spotify, Bandcamp, Distro Kid, and so forth. In addition, I plan to experiment with new VSTs (i.e., My own versions of Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Acoustic guitars, and create some more muzak and vlog background beats for my YouTube vlogs.

On the whole what do you think about taking a break to rest, retool, and return? Yay, or nay? Thanks...