Tempo of savefiles resets and locks to default BPM.

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I've had this happen on 2 occasions. Once on a larger file with plenty of controllers, so when I opened the file and it was back at 140 instead my selected 120. I adjusted it back to 120 but as soon as I hit play it jumped back to 140. I couldn't find any reason aside from controllers maybe acting up. In the end I just abandoned it and haven't had issues.

Fast forward to yesterday. I saved a bar which is just a kick, snare and hats and a peak controller. Originally 102 bpm, I open it up today and it sits again at 140. Jumps back to 140 as soon as I do anything. :?
Right click on the bpm windows.
Then select delete global automation song automation.

And see if this fixes it.
That did the trick. Thanks!