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This is the new "Introduction Thread"
The former thread was lost in the spam-attack.
If you as new user, like to introduce yourself to the community, this is the right place!
Hi guys,My name is kol,my friends call me kolz like z for the shhh sound and yeah that was ok whatever..I've been using lmms for like a year now , and i've been working on many tracks but i dont really like doing upload and those stuff, and my work is actually based on reggae genre and few from trap so yeah,Thats my thing ,you can ask me any question you want and thats it, Ohh just to let u guyz know if u want more lmms sampz just let me know ok ...hope u guys have great time workin with lmms ..
Hi all,
I'm new to LMMS. & music. the last 1-2weeks.
found out about these forums tonight & learned how to do a few things i was curious about, sine i started on here, thanks to a post or 2 on here with video tut's. so thanks for those! I feel i'm now gone from complete novice to a cross between novice & intermediate - i just have to get to know all the sounds & how they go together, so i can create some good, music sores & complex music, of various sorts.
I'm finding this is good to muck around with after work, or when feeling down, or stressed, to help relax and destress. hopefully it can become more in the future.
it's so good, i can't believe something so free, can do sooo much! it's good when u want to try new stuff, but don't have the money for the fancy expensive stuff. I tried several other (free / free trial) programs, but this is the best yet!
Thanks IMMS! you creators rock!
& Thanks to those who make the video tut's!
Hey there everyone! My name is pansonics, and I've been using LMMS since last year. The stuff I make is based a lot off of 80s soundtrack stuff, but with a lot of my own little twists thrown in there. I'm always looking to branch out and try new things, so I'd love to learn all there is to learn with LMMS. Thanks for taking the time to read this!
Hi all. My name's Simon. I'm new to the forum, but I've been using LMMS for a while. I've been a musician for the best part of thirty years. Music is a total obsession, a curse, even. My musical tastes are varied and eclectic; everything from avant-garde jazz, blues, rock, and experimental music; through to hip hop, punk, classical, and noise. I started using LMMS to try to record a few basic ideas to jam along with, but I now use it as a virtual studio. My latest album was recorded almost exclusively using LMMS. I look forward to being a part of the LMMS community, it's nice hearing what other people are creating.
Hey everyone, I am Nesdood007. I have been lurking around the forums for a while and starting really posting a few months ago. I have been using LMMS since sometime in 2013 on both Windows and Linux computers. I write a lot of music that takes inspiration from various things I hear, including Electronic and Classical Genres. Usually the music that I write starts with me composing the basic idea in a new project file, and then I come back later to flesh it out into something longer. Outside of LMMS, I can read sheet music, know basic music theory and can play both the piano and clarinet. I know a few programming languages and take an interest in videogame development, and even writing music for use in videogames as well. I look forward to getting more involved with the LMMS community, and possibly even contributing code to the project as well.
Hello, my composer name is Douglas (means much more than it seems). I'm not too new to the forums, but I just barely discovered the existence of this thread, so I decided I would introduce myself anyway.

I've been using LMMS for almost three years now, but for about five or six hours every day. I've been programming video games for eight years, and I originally started making music for my games, but mow I have a much larger goal of making music for Monstercat. I'm 16 right now, and I really need to start composing professionally before I'm 18. I'm having trouble, but I'm sure I'll be able to pull it off.

VSTs weren't working for me until yesterday, so I've pretty much mastered every instrument LMMS comes with, especially TripleOscillator and BitInvader (you can do a crapton of stuff with those two with the right effects).

If anybody would like some tips for LMMS, I'm that one schizophrenic weird guy that knows all the tricks that aren't supposed to work, but do somehow. I'd say I'm above average with mixing, mastering, and anything involving TripleOscillator and BitInvader. I'm also decent when dealing with stereo stuff.

I have Asperger's Syndrome, which makes it so that I think very differently compared to 99% of the population. Everything is an algorithm for me, which both helps and hurts me in music composition. This causes weaknesses of overly repetitive music, and the over-use of similar instruments repeatedly, though I NEVER use presets, and I only use samples for the percussion. Everything else is 100% synthesized from scratch!

(BTW Phase Shift is OP)
Just installed LMMS. Learning music production, jobless at 26. Sounds like fun. :P
And of course... Hi!
hello, this is the first time I've joined a forum online and I am happy there is a friendly community here. i have been using lmms for a few months now but only recently started getting serious about getting back to industrial metal music (my roots) so i am learning about the application of effects and samples to metal music as well as the mixing mastering process.
Hi Everyone, My name is Stefan and I'm an avid Hobbyist who is always looking to learn how to do stuff like 3D Modeling, Drawing, Game Design, Engineering, and (Most Recently) Music.
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