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Hey, guys...
Haven't dabbled in MIDI stuff in more than 10yrs, or so.

Bought a New Roland Juno-DS88, a year or two ago, and just been playing privately.
Then, bought a New Roland Axe-Edge 66 Keytar, recently, and shortly after decided I wanted to start doing some recording.

Practically been writing a 10-track album, which I just play from Memory, for the last year, or so, but is getting to the point where I really need to get some of these ideas recorded, and saved.
Bought this cheap PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 MIDI device from Guitar Center, and had a terrible time getting everything to work properly, before I bought some cheap VSTs, and fount-out that Studio One 4 Artist won't let you use your own VSTs! xD

Glad to have found LMMS, as an alternative.
Took me all day to get it to a stable point, but I am now finally ready to start laying down some ideas.

Still working on Latency, but pretty close to where I wanna be.
Looking forward to learning more, and thanks for having me! :)

Hey guys! My name is Rainers, but you can call me Reiko, Raiko, or whatever... but i started LMMS about a month ago, and i am mostly self taught, and have created 1 song, which for me sounds pretty dope!
Hello, I started lmms and music around the begining of the year, after discovering two music genre I loved at first hearing : speedcore and extratone. I have always loved listening to music, but I also always thought I would never do some myself, and here I am now, after a few lmms projects (speedcore, extratone, noise and some attempts at deathstep)...
Been saturated in electronic music since the 1970s - tangerine dream, can, faust - thru the 80s-90s-00s-0x - acid, house, trance, ambient - djs, warp, aphex - most recently the amazing jon hopkins (my forum name is a tribute to jon).
never been a musician, got no musical skills, but love electronic music with a passion; and recently realised that with a laptop & a midi kbd controller I can try to do something myself ... just turned 60 tho so not too much time left.
interested in trying droney stuff using found sounds recorded on my phone as samples.
we'll see.
lmms on linux + arturia minilab mk II.
maybe run up a copy of Windows too for Analog Lab & Ableton Lite that Arturia give you ... absolute wreck of a pain trying to get those running in Wine/POL so gave up. Ugh

see ya
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