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by K (kgub)
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LMMS Version: 1.2.0
Submitted: 2019-12-31 22:12:41
Updated: 2020-01-10 14:12:04
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Name: Vengaboys Boom Boom Boom (Only Triple Oscilattor).mmpz Download

I challenged myself to make this with only the triple oscillator and here it is. If you want the original version let me know. Make it better and post it!

Here is my version using Korg M1 and 909s, go ahead and substitute your own samples:

EDIT: Realized I left two instances of "OldSkoolVerb" in there, one on "Triple Oscillator FX Tab", the other on FX1. Just remove them and substitute Calf Reverb LADSPA.


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