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Submitted: 2020-05-23 21:08:09
Updated: 2020-06-22 13:29:28
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This is the version 3 of the liquid-improved theme, since you can't update the files in the same thread, i created a new one, and the old one got deleted


- A new version of the liquid theme by tony (

I forked the original project because there were some things i didn't agree with, like the piano keys and some things were too dark and my idea with this project is to make the original theme more practical

Remember to rate it, of course :)


- Add a known background (
- Color the looping section (song-editor/piano-roll)
- Edit the large arrows in the mixer
- Edit the CSS to have more contrast in buttons
- Edit the loop enable/disable button to fit with the other buttons (song-editor/piano-roll)
- Edit the grid in the piano roll and automation editor to be brighter
- Replace all piano keys with the normal black and white
- Fix the bug when marking notes or scales in the piano roll (also in the original theme)
- Edit the oscilloscope to fit with the rest of the theme (flat)
- Make the selected notes in the piano roll orange
- Native plugin browser is now flat
- Make the pattern tracks in the song editor more visible
- Highlight current window bar


- Fix the bug in the LB302 GUI (also in the original theme)

Here it is:

Wow, that theme looks so amazing. It really brings out the atmosphere in lmms. This looks likeit could be a future update for lmms.Posted by: Zenpai_0001 on 2020-06-11 20:31:01