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by DeltaX
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License: Artistic License 2.0
LMMS Version: 0.4.15
Submitted: 2013-09-22 19:28:06
Updated: 2013-09-24 02:04:09
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Hi everyone,

I had this tune inside my head for days now, so I thought I'd do a LMMS version! Believe it or not, I haven't heard this song anywhere else than as a demo on my old keyboard, which I gave away five years ago!! I just wrote down what I remembered. ;)

well done... i like the clearness the lead has...

'Red Ambassador' did a every nice techno thing in which he also used that canon: by: boulder on 2013-09-23 05:45:15
I believe this is one of many versions of Canon by J. Pachelbel. Interesting twist nonetheless.Posted by: theguitarplayer on 2013-09-23 13:53:45
I'm not sure where my brain went for a second there "Mr. Know-it-all me." :P I didn't read the title. :DPosted by: theguitarplayer on 2013-09-23 13:56:21
My favourite classical music <3. Thanks for the reminder of this beautiful song.Posted by: Popsip on 2013-09-24 21:11:06
great worksPosted by: semicol on 2016-05-20 18:13:23
thank you for this! yes... 4 years later, you are still contributing to the good of human kind. It's my wedding song and the wife was very pleased to hear it! I'm adding my own features and will upload it.Posted by: pappy on 2017-08-25 13:31:59