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by Dave tompson (adamadam187)
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License: Creative Commons (by)
LMMS Version: 1.1.3
Submitted: 2016-12-25 22:11:07
Updated: 2016-12-31 07:38:48
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Name: Carmina Burana ~ O Fortuna.mmpz Download

noteworthy "zunaddSubFX" project!
This style music requires real sound instruments.. SF2, VST or other..
,but what you have achieved is really impressive :)
Regards :)
Posted by: gdd71 on 2016-12-25 23:12:29
Thank you!Posted by: adamadam187 on 2016-12-25 23:44:25
Oh, and i was trying to make it a bit technoy because there was a remix of this that use to make people go into seizure as it was that good but that was in the 80s, not sure if you remember the techno remix ?Posted by: adamadam187 on 2016-12-25 23:51:26 apotheosis - o fortuna ...that's the techno remix
from the late 80s and begin 90s. thanks Adam187 to give it a reboost ...Posted by: warrior13 on 2016-12-31 08:49:28