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Effect Plugins

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Effect Plugins:


Amplifier 1.0.0.PNG

A simple two-stage amplifier, adjusts volume or panning of the audio without any other change.

Vol/pan controls the volume/panning of the first stage amplifier. Left/right controls the left and right channel gain of the second stage amplifier.

The stages are serial (cumulative).

Bass Booster

Bass booster 1.0.0.PNG

A simple bass-booster plugin. Adds low-end frequencies to the signal.


Native Effect Delay 1.1.3.png

A tape Delay plugin. It first stores the signal, then after the time controlled by Delay knob it repeats the signal.

Feedback is controlled with the Regen knob, and you can modulate playback speed and modulation amount with Rate and LFO.

Dual Filter

Dual filter.png

Takes the incoming audio, splits it and processes it using two seperate filters. The resulting two audio streams are then mixed back together based on the "Mix" dial. This plugin is very useful to create a balance between high and low components of a signal, eg kick drums.

Dynamics processor

Dynamics processor.png

Dynamics Processor allows modification of the signal dynamics in a flexible way. It can be used as a compressor, a gate, an expander, or for any other dynamics modifications.

The curve represents the dynamic range in a linear scale of 0-1.0 amplitude. The X axis (horizontal) represents the peak level of input, while the Y axis (vertical) represents the target level.

The level of the signal is measured as peak levels. The attack and decay knobs control the peak meter, ie. how quickly the peak level rises and falls. These controls are analoguous to those of a compressor.

Input and output control the level of gain applied to the signal pre- and post-processing.

There are three modes of peak detection: maximum, average and unlinked.

- Maximum measures peaks as the maximum peak level between the left and right channel.

- Average measures the average between left and right peak levels.

- Unlinked measures and processes each channel separately with their own peak levels, but applies the same dynamics curve and pre/post-amplification on both.

The buttons can be used to modify the curve.

Tip: Hold shift to draw straight lines in the graph. Shift-click the start point, then shift-click at the end point, and a straight line will be drawn between them.

Peak Controller

Peak controller2.PNG

This plugin allows you to use the volume peaks from an audio source to automate the values of a control. For more info see Peak Controller

Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum analyzer 1.0.0.PNG

This plugin visually shows the frequencies present in the audio signal it processes. Useful to see where energy is present in the signal, and adjust EQ or compression settings accordingly.

Stereo Enhancer

Stereoenhancer 1.0.0.PNG

Increases the stereo width of a signal.

Stereophonic Matrix

Stereo matrix 1.0.0.PNG

Allows routing stereo channels to each other in a flexible way.



Waveshaper can be used for distortion and shaping the waveform of the signal.

The graph represents the amplitude of the signal on a linear 0-1.0 scale. The X-axis represents input amplitude, and the Y-axis represents output amplitude. A straight diagonal line represents no change to the signal. Drawing on the wavegraph changes the shape of the signal directly.

The input and output knobs control gain of the signal that is applied pre- and post-processing.

The clip input led, when enabled, clips the input signal to 1.0 (0dBV) amplitude before processing. If the clip is disabled, then amplitudes above 1.0 will be modified by the ratio of the endpoint (right end) of the graph: if the end of the graph is at 0.5, then all amplitudes above 1.0 will be multiplied by 0.5. This happens before post-amplification.

Tip: Hold shift to draw straight lines in the graph. Shift-click the start point, then shift-click at the end point, and a straight line will be drawn between them.

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