Using MIDI


MIDI settings[edit]

MIDI settings 1.1.0.PNG

You can find the MIDI settings in the Settings window

ALSA-Sequencer is the recommended setting for Linux. WinMM MIDI is the default setting for Windows. Modify the default settings only if necessary.

Quick MIDI setup[edit]

MIDI quick select 1.1.0.png

This is a quick way of connecting your Instrument to a MIDI device. For more advanced settings go to the MIDI tab.

The MIDI tab[edit]

Plugins MIDI1.0.0.png

The MIDI tab in the Instrument Editor has some more "advanced" options.

This guide will hopefully allow you to get acquainted with LMMS and get it linked to your keyboard. Future posts will explain some of the more complex and interesting things possible using LMMS.

Where do I get started?[edit]

Let’s get your keyboard up and running, playing an instrument.

Plugins TripleOscillator1.0.0.png

Plugins MIDI1.0.0.png

Let’s get some real sounds working![edit]

First we need a new project, so close all open windows, and then open song-editor (F5) or button 1 in the speedbar.

So now we need instruments! The first button in the sidebar opens “instrument plugins” menu.

I recommend you to get familiar with all LMMS' instruments, but right now, we will continue with zynAddSubFX.

Plugins ZynAddSubFX1.0.0.png

It does have a default sound, but that is uninteresting, so lets load a good preset!

Browse down to zynAddSubFX, and Choose any you like, I recommend “Arpeggio1″ from the “Arpeggio” category. Some of the guitar sounds are impressive too. But choose any you like. You just drag it out and drop it it on the zasfx instrument! -You can also use right-click and any of the context-options.

Now you can play around with it for a while. Try different presets, and enjoy. The somewhat complicated methods needed for making your own presets in zasfx, can be studied in the zasfx section of this wiki, and there are also zasfx-tutorials in the video-section.

Connection of a dial to a keyboard-wheel[edit]

So now you have sound. Fine!

But then you start thinking about the neat stuff on your keyboard.. Like the modulation-wheel.

How do I connect a specific dial or 'knob' to that wheel?

The basic principle in connecting anything to a keyboard feature is:

Often it will show as ch1, controller 2

you can set up any other knob/slider control on a MIDI keyboard controller the same way. It just sets it up as a different controller (CC) number.


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