ZynAddSubFX is a powerful synthesizer with a wide range of sounds. It has its own GUI with the options for simple or advanced controls, as well as its own effects system. ZynAddSubFX is the most powerful embedded synthesizer in LMMS.

This wiki-article will not cover zasfx, not even remotely. It would without any kind of 'story-telling' be easy to write a 500 page book, and still come up short.. ! If you want to learn the most important features of zasfx, you should watch the Video_tutorials#ZynAddSubFX, there you can get specific hands-on visualizations of the most important things.

Here in wiki, we will only look at the speciel LMMS controllers and that is an absolute insignificant scratch of the surface, of this amazing synthesizer!

Zasfx is actually an embedded and fully integrated open source VST. That is also the reason, that the LMMS ENV/LFO tab-page is empty. VSTs cant utilize those. Zasfx has been given a speciel LMMS-UI, that gives you access to seven different zasfx-internal settings:

The LMMS special GUI for ZynAddSubFX:

Plugins ZynAddSubFX1.0.0.png


Stands for 'Portamento' The setting is OF when it is below 50%, and it is ON over 50%. You can not alter the slide-duration, for that you need to access the zasfz controllers.

Is of cause Frequency and it is the cut-off frequency of the default Low-pass 1 stages 12 dB filter.

-also known as 'Q' of the default filter. Resonance increases the chosen part of the filter cutoff. Kind of a 'hump' in the spectrum. You hear this as 'sharpness' versus 'dull' expression of the sound. Too much resonance causes distortion, and can harm both hearing! -and speakers The default presets in the zasfx folders should only use moderate Q, because the internal zasfz Q is quite high! Serious clipping from factory zasfx presets, will often be solvable, if you moderate the Q, sometimes significantly. (When you make your own zasfx presets, a Q <~10 is recommended)

This comes out as detuning of the wave-form, and it is a very nice sound, indeed. Unfortunately, not all zasfx factory presets will allow Bandwidth modulation. There need to be either UNISON or several PARTS of the instrument.

This dial will increase any modulation, that has been build inside the zasfx preset. Not just FM. Default this dial will not change anything, because no factory presets, has any modulation.

These settings are not working with default zasfx presets. In order to activate them, a Resonance envelope need to be made, inside zasfx.

How to controll FM GAIN, RES CF & RES BW are explained in some of the video tutorials:


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