Get Involved

LMMS is a free, open-source software built entirely by a small number of volunteers in their free time. But to keep the project going, we need this number to grow. So if you feel like giving something back to the community, join us in making LMMS better!

What you can do

There are multiple ways of contributing:

Join Development

We are in desperate need of new developers to join our team. LMMS is written in C++ using the Qt Framework, so if you know a thing or two about these, don't hesitate to get yourself dirty with coding!

See our GitHub Wiki and our bug tracker to get started. Furthermore, the LMMS Discord server is a great place to introduce yourself.

Website & Docs

You can help us by improving this website or documenting the software. The website sources are in our GitHub repo LMMS/, our documentation is hosted on GitBook.

Please post to the #website channel on Discord if you're interested in helping out with the documentation!

Even though donations are not the thing we need the most (that'd be developers), they help us pay our bills, for our domain for instance.

Donate via PayPal


If your language is missing in LMMS, help the project and other users speaking the same language by translating the software. You can find instructions on the page "Creating a localization" in our GitHub Wiki.

How to get in touch


Discord is the most active forum for LMMS development. Join our server by clicking here.

Our IRC channel is #lmms on Libera Chat.

Mailing List

Posting to the mailing list is another way to reach out to our developers:

Subscribe to LMMS-Devel mailing list


We host a forum for our users here on this website:


For reporting a bug or suggesting a new feature, please use the GitHub issue tracker: