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Plugins FreeBoy1.0.0.png

Perhaps in competition with NES, Freeboy is our most genuine 8-bit generator.
To get a grip of the features in Freeboy, it is best to look at the channels-panel first.
Freeboy has 4 sub-generators called channels.

  • Ch1 : Pure effect like beeps thrills and bobs. So this is game-sound known from hand-held consoles
  • Ch2 : A Square
  • Ch3 : Wave-Pattern
  • Ch4 : Noise

All 4 channels has two buttons, one for each stereo-channel. That mean you can have different generators in each of the stereo-channels -If that is a temptation..
The first 4 dials deals with simple output

  • LVol Stereo left-volume
  • RVol Stereo right-volume
  • Treb Add Treble to output
  • Bass Add Bass to output

Now.. I could just as well have said:
The first 4 dials deals only with volume!
But then we should look on the column and not the row of dials!
FreeBoy shows this in its design, by having a slightly brighter color in the column That column is all about volume, logically 2. dial in 1. row should have been a member of the volume-dials.
But the setup (row|column) is like this:

  • 2|1 Overall volume for Ch1 & Ch2
  • 3|1 Separate volume for Ch 2
  • 4|1 Separate volume for Ch 3

..ok Bet you now think " Heyii maaan ! Wheres the volume for channel 4 "
Dont you worry(!) 3|4 Thats where that is.. ( Guess the designer had a whole box off volume-knobs..
Well.. Beside regulating volume, FreeBoy has dials for:

  • Sweep-control
    • SSL 2|2 length of sweep semi-tones
    • WPD 2|3 the wave-pattern-duty-cycle. It will shift output from triangle to pure square
    • SRS 2|4 Sweep-rate-shift. This will set the number of semitones in the sweep
    • STim 2|5 length of the sweep in ms.

We also have two toggle-buttons. The first will control the sweep-direction, the second the volume increase or decrease in the sweep.

Third row deals with Ch2 the Square.
Beside the ..volume, we have one dial and one button that controls sweep of the square.

  • 3|2 SSL length of each semitone of the square sweep
  • Button ^ direction of this sweep

You should notice that this is a really weak sweep on its own, but it can add interesting modulation, to other output.

We also have a square-width control

  • 3|3 WPD

For the noise profile we can change the length of each noise-profile in a sweep. The sweep will be depending on the value of the Volume 3|4, and the direction (button VSwDir). By this i mean, if volume is on max, you cant make a rising sweep, only a decreasing, so the volume-value also controls the length of the sweep.

But now..
Lets make FreeBoy gr... interesting!
All the 8-bit goodies are really thoroughly hidden! It all lies in Ch3! If you solo Ch3 and press a note, you will hear a pop. Nothing else! -That is because there is no wave-pattern and that is because you need to draw one!
The area below row-three is for drawing any wave-form you like!
Here you can really make 8-bit sounds, just as you like.
This sound-draw-feature is the gem inside FreeBoy, and if you want to make a 8-bit track, or need genuine retro-music for a pixel-game you are creating, FreeBoy can deliver!




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