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Online Bug tracker

For reporting any kind of bugs, use the GitHub issue tracker. Please take a look at other submitted bugs before opening a new item as someone else might have reported the same bug.

How to efficiently report bugs with GDB

  • If you are using LMMS and encounter a segmentation fault (crash), please include a full backtrace:
 $ gdb /usr/bin/lmms
 (gdb) r <Enter>
 <do whatever crashes LMMS>
   Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
   [Switching to Thread ... (LWP ...)]
 (gdb) thread apply all backtrace
  • The output of this command is interesting for us! Please either report it to the issue tracker or email it to the mailing list.

How to report bugs without GDB

  • Start a new shell/terminal:
 bash ~ $  ulimit -l unlimited
 bash ~ $  lmms
  • Now, when LMMS crashes, there will be a file called "core" in your working directory (~ per the example above). The file may be large enough to be worth zipping.
  • Please send that to "Tobias Doerffel" <tobias.doerffel AT gmail DOT com> so hopefully we can locate the bug.
    • If you've been helped on LMMS' mailing-list, please send a mail to the person helping you and put the above address in Cc:

NOTE: please, do not send it to the list, it'll be rejected because of its size.