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Installing LMMS

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Never install any version of LMMS that is not obtained from LMMS official download-site:
Only getting your installer from this site, is your only way to ensure that you do not get a bogus vira or malware infected fake version of LMMS!
This is also true for LINUX users, and beside that, almost every pacMan will have outdated versions of LMMS!
Bottom-line: Get LMMS from LMMS.io !

First Install on Windows

As always when installing new programs on Windows, You need to be Administrator, to make a successful installation.
Go to the folder you use as your download-folder, and locate the File named: lmms-1.1.3-winXX.exe -where 'XX' is either '32' or '64' depending on your choice. Double-click or choose run. Point the installation to a partition with at least 2 gb free space. The actual install is much smaller, but you will soon start to download soundfile-collections, and they can be huge, so recommended is 4-5 gb!

The installation does everything that is needed. After you have installed, you should also have a shortcut on the desktop. Double-click, or choose run from the context-menu, and your LMMS should open. After you have installed LMMS, you need to make some important configurations in Setup.

First Install on Linux

As of LMMS 1.1.3 we have an App-Image for the complete LMMS-installation
The install process is therefore extremely simple!
You need to have WINE installed, before you install LMMS! -in order to be able to use windows-VSTs, and you need the correct WINE-package for your specific LINUX!
Consult a LINUX-forum or ask the pac-man for your distro, if you are in doubt about that procedure.
After you successfully has installed WINE, you download the LINUX LMMS-App-Image from Linux-Download, make the App-Image installable, and then you install LMMS!
If you have any issues, make a ticket about the specific problem on our forum
In summery:

  • Get and install WINE
  • Download our LINUX-LMMS-App-image
  • Make the App-image installable
  • Install LINUX-LMMS (If WINE asks for permissions to upgrade, say YES)

Linux and WINE updates

On at least openSUSE tumbleweed, there are ALLOT of updates.
One of those updates is wine.

Because of all the issues related to wine, lets take a look at what should happen, and how you should let wine do these updates.

Even though these issues only is known to be for opensuse, it is highly likely that they are not opensuse specific, but is relevant for all Linux distro.

The Fist time you start lmms, -or maybe the first time you use an vst, you will see wine config running.

Let WINE do everything uninterupted. After this, wine might come with a message, that wine mono is not installed. Click accept. WINE will then install wine mono.

Then LMMS is initially ready to use VST.

After a wine update you may get a wine config popup, again telling you that wine mono was not installed. Again, let wine install it.

After this, you again may get an erroneous project-loading, where one or several VSTs are not working!
Do NOT NOT -save the project!!
Shut LMMS down!
Restart, and load the same project. Wine will now work correctly, and your project will load correct.

The core of this is, that every time WINE complain that wine mono must be installed, click OK, even though you do have it installed! Exactly what WINE-update is doing, and why the reinstalment of wine-mono is necessary, is not known.

First Install on MAC

For MAC there are two options, depending on the version of your OSX:
For 10.13 and newer get
https://github.com/LMMS/lmms/releases/download/v1.2.1/lmms-1.2.1-mac10.13.dmg or -If you have an older MAC, and your X10 is in the 10.8 up to 10.12, then the best version you can use is: https://github.com/LMMS/lmms/releases/download/v1.2.0-rc8/lmms-1.2.0-rc8-mac10.8.dmg
MAC does not support VST, zasfx, lb302 and soundfonts (SF2).

LMMS is not signed with Microsoft. That cost a lot of money, and LMMS is free-ware!
Because of that, OS10 will protest and mark LMMS as "software from an unverified developer".
That is normal, and there is no reason for alarm -IF and ONLY IF you have your download from our official download-site!
-But because LMMS is unsigned, MAC wont let you install! Then in your MAC-
Go into
Settings | privacy | security,
There check box
allow LMMS,
-and ignore all the Apple warnings.
Then you can install LMMS for OS10

Updating and installing new versions

Updating existing installed version of LMMS, is easy, but You should always follow standard updating procedures, also for LMMS!

  • Back-up your own stuff!
  • Un-install current installation
  • ( re)move the config dot-file! Follow:


  • Download a fresh new installation-pack either x32 or x64 of LMMS
  • Re-install as administrator and grant all users access

Linux-users need the AppImage on the Linux-tab!
ALWAYS only get your LMMS-installation-packages from The official site! https://lmms.io/download/