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This is the current list of instrument plugins, and links to their specific sections in the documentation:

Instrument Plugins

  • AudioFileProcessor logo.png AudioFileProcessor - plays audio files
  • BitInvader logo.png BitInvader - 'simple and dirty' wavetable synthesis
  • Carla logo.png Carla - versatile audio plugin host only for Linux
  • Freeboy logo.png FreeBoy - an emulator of the sound chip of the Nintendo Game Boy
  • GIGbutton 121.png GIG Host for GIGA-Samples
  • Kicker logo.png Kicker - drum synthesis
  • LB302 logo.png LB302 - a monophonic implementation of the TB303 sound
  • Mallets logo.png Mallets - a struck-instrument synthesizer
  • Monstro logo.png Monstro - a 3 oscillator operator synth
  • Nescaline logo.png Nescaline - NES inspired synthesizer
  • Opulenz logo.png Opulenz - a FM-synthesis emulator of Yamaha YM3812, a.k.a OPL2
  • Organic logo.png Organic - an additive organ synthesizer
  • Patman logo.png PatMan - a GUS-compatible patch player
  • SF2 Player logo.png SF2 Player - a Fluidsynth-based Soundfont player
  • SFXR logo.png SFXR - LMMS port of the SFXR sound effect synthesizer
  • SID logo.png SID - an emulator of the MOS SID sound chip used by the C64
  • TripleOscillator logo.png TripleOscillator - a 3-oscillator modulating synthesizer
  • VeSTige logo.png VeSTige - VSTi-hosting plugin
  • Vibed logo.png Vibed - vibrating-string synthesizer
  • Watsyn logo.png Watsyn - 4-oscillator wavetable synthesizer
  • ZynAddSubFX logo.png ZynAddSubFX - a powerful hybrid synthesizer

We have a lists that shows VSTs that has been tested. You can find them here, and also those that does not currently work:


Howto: Working with Instruments

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