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Using any large advanced program like a DAW, will sooner or later give you some griefs..
We have already discussed how faulty VSTs can break a project, and also how we can easily fix that issue
However, there are issues that are much more cumbersome to solve..
One of the quite frustrating ones, are caused by conflicting effects, that can lead to complete loss of any output!
You press play, and ..nothing
Well perhaps a subtle <pop>, and then silence. That is an indication of one or several effects, creating a in-audible output, that simply just have a very long wavelength!
Some times you can see the issue, as a next to horizontal red line in LMMS' Wave-spectrum-display
This is how to analyse that problem, and how to get it solved.
The problem is that one (or more) of your effects that has a setting that creates an 'infinity' long in-audible waveform. Limiters and side-chain-compressors, are strong candidates, but any signal modified by one effect, can be 'botched' by an other. The solution is to:

  • Open lmms and load the project clean

We will manipulate a lot in this project, and do not want to ruin the real project, so make a save-as, and save orr. project with a new name! -like <orr-project>FailSave.mmp
I will refer to this project as Fail-save
Everything we do from here is in that project!

Firstly you need a Mixer-channel with no effects, so create a new mixer-channel, and name it 'vanilla'
Lets say vanilla has number 20

  • SOLO the first instrument-button
  • Observe what Mixer-channel it has, and then change Mixer-output to 20
  • press play

If it plays, then that one is fine in vanilla-state!
If it does NOT play

  • Examine it. What type of effects are inserted on its own FX-tab?
  • Save the project
  • Open a blank project..
  • Press a key
    • if it plays -Reload FailSave
    • if it does not play -Shut LMMS down and reopen

Now you must disable this instruments effects on its own FX-tab, and retry play
If it now replay, then part of the problem is caused by the effects on that instruments FX-tab! -Yes part, because we do not know, if other effects are involved, yet!
Now we go back to played-in-vanilla -Eg FX20

  • Reset the channel to its orr FX-number
  • Press a key

If it still plays, we have that one ok'ed for both states, and also partly ok'ed the effects you have in Mixer, on that channel -Unless it conflicts with yet another not identified Effect... *yelp*

...and thats it!
Except of-cause, you now have to do that for every instrument-track in the whole project, step by step..
Rinse and repeat..
If you are lucky you find the reason if first shot
If not so lucky.. [You do the maths]


Reference: Exporting the finished product

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