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Welcome to an article about me. My current artist name is Sti-Jay.

I started to heavily use LMMS February 2011. I had previously tested in on Linux but the appearance fooled me, and thus six months later I discovered a program on Windows which was amazing. LMMS is a powerful tool in my opinion, and currently the best free DAW for Windows. I am a fan of electro, which easily can be made with LMMS, and also of instrumental film music. Instrumental music is not just looping, so I find it extremely time consuming! Calm House music rocks too, though. Before LMMS I used MuseScore to create songs... and I have learned music theory through playing the Trumpet (in a school orchestra).

It was amazing how people suddenly cared about LMMS. I like to call it the winter explosion madness of LMMS. I had read mails from most of the persons; Toby, Tres, Paul, Unfa, Johnny S and Jonathan. Raine, I had a big hope would fall in love with LMMS, cause he had submitted the latest patches. Other people apparently showed up too, and joined the conversation around Christmas time, like: Alexia Rose, Unfa, Matt Brooks. Let's not forget Joel Muzzerall, who I forgot. He was the one who made smooth automation a reality it seems. And then just look at the explosion. LMMS devel calendar Almost 2000 freaking mails in one month, no wonder I didn't believe it was true.

Renewed activity on the forums was one of the biggest factors that LMMS exploded. The developer who perhaps did the most, was Vesa (diizy), and he was first very active on the forums before he around Christmas dropped the big news about a new LMMS instrument he had created. That must of course have been one other big reason LMMS exploded. I now see that it is a shame Facebook is so big, I guess it steals users that could have talked more on the forums.

Now I am extremely busy trying to take care of the social part of LMMS, more specific: Facebook. When I decided to "help" LMMS about two years ago, I answered all questions I could on the forums, I created themes, I even edited pictures of LMMS. Those pictures you can see at the official LMMS Facebookpage. Together with Tres I decided to make a official Facebook site, inspired by the G+ page that had been created just a little time before. It was launched 9th of October 2012. I really wish I knew C++, then I would have the chance to improve LMMS (the way I want it to). So if anyone feel the need to teach me C++, talk to me on Soundcloud or Youtube.

In this section, I am in University and studying computer science, which means I learn Python. So my dream of one day doing something big codewise for LMMS is closer than ever to become a reality.