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VeSTige: Working_with_VSTs

Plugins VeSTige1.0.0.png


VeSTige is an vst host that allows the use of external VST plugins. It is a powerful way to extend the range of sounds you can create beyond the plugins provided by default. Because VeSTige is a MIDI based host, you can't use ENV/LFO in it. This tab is intentionally left empty.


Usage of VeSTige varies greatly depending on what plugin is loaded, but the basic features are the same.

  • The green folder button opens a file browser that allows loading of a plugin
  • The wrench icon shows all the parameters of the plugin as knobs, allowing for automation
  • Show/Hide GUI shows the plugin's user interface
  • Turn off all notes is a panic button that mutes the plugin entirely
  • The left and right arrows move back and forward in the list of presets
  • The down arrow shows a list of presets
  • The blue folder icon allows loading of presets
  • The blue down arrow pointing to a hard drive allows for saving presets


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