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This is a page listing some of the work that should be done in the English wiki. All you need is an account, some free time, and a bit of good will.

Right now (priority tasks)

Maintenance / In General (will never be completed)

  • Hunt for typos
  • Post messages on pages needing them. see (Templates)
  • Make sure no moved pages are linked to.
  • Add tips to the Tip of the day page
  • Write simple tutorials for newbies in the Tutorials section
  • Test new or untested VST plugins
  • Translate pages into different languages
  • Write new To-do ideas on this very page

Advanced (for admins and people with too much free time)

  • (for admins) Delete pages in category Delete
  • Simplify pages that are too complex
  • Add translation links to the top of untranslated pages