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by alvince (sepctictank)
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License: Common Public License
LMMS Version: 1.1.3
Submitted: 2017-01-14 14:08:01
Updated: 2017-01-14 14:08:01
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Name: Porter Robinson and Madeon - Shelter.mmpz Download

Full Remake of Shelter. Got the drums and samples here -> (

I appreciate your progress! There's nothing wrong with using FL studio remakes as source of inspiration for your own remakes. But the way to get the samples by following (and unfollowing afterwards) this guy's soundcloud is a bit annoying and a couple of samples is still missing anyway. Better replace all sounds by LMMS internal sounds or other free sounds and give an easily accessible link.
Posted by: Peter F on 2017-01-15 02:02:07