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by Mister Sislak (msislak)
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Submitted: 2017-01-25 05:48:38
Updated: 2017-01-25 05:48:38
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Name: Kult - Prosto (synth cover).mmpz Download

Kult is punk (new wave) Polish group.
I was so impresed by this song so I wanted to cover it for learn purposes.
The result is not satisfying. Anyway the original video is worth to see.

i can do a sort of non-ReMix of this file from you, in a way that people actually wanna dance to this nice minimalistic new wave groove. it already has a sort of funkyness in minimal repititive way. the orginal video did not do much for me.. your groove is more digital. thanks for sharing your input at this forum. otherwise it would never come to me, i was always a bit too disco for new wave, that's my name : Paul Warrior W13/\:-)PPosted by: warrior13 on 2017-01-26 07:41:23
Hi Paul! Oh please make a remix. I am quite curious about this dance/groovy stuff. During doing it I have some problem to make the guitar part (riffs). After duplicate it to different track (transpose octave down) and adding 1/4 (or so) note delay there was indeed some interesting groove effect. I am not sure if in original sound are 2 guitars or also some quite long delay, perhaps another tricks too. Digital sound is not problem for me am I even a fan of synth, retro, chiptune sound. But am also not satisfied with the sound now.
The band leader of "Kult" experiences a lot with different music genres ( also hip-hop and reggae so it not easy to classify this music.
Anyway what is "non-remix"?
Posted by: msislak on 2017-01-26 08:54:19
Hello Mister Sislak, A non-remix is only a drum handclap beat added to the original groove, some don't consider this as remixing, a remix normally means a total rebuild of the original track, in mine non remixing way i only add a groove very simple to it. i will upload the file.... greetz W13 ;-)PPosted by: warrior13 on 2017-01-26 09:43:47