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by Peter F (Peter F)
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License: Green openmusic
LMMS Version: 1.1.3
Submitted: 2017-02-04 14:04:40
Updated: 2018-04-05 10:22:16
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Rating:    8
Name: Darude - Sandstorm (full remake).mmpz Download

A remake contest without my contribution would not be complete. So here comes my version of "Darude - Sandstorm". For the barking dog you need a soundfont player (bank 1 patch 123). But even a silent dog will not destroy the song:-)

Great one! Maybe you can try this?

Feel the Beat(Also Darude)

Safe download link: by: Modifier on 2017-02-08 06:43:34
Also not fair, your Peter F Posted by: Modifier on 2017-02-10 05:47:28