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by Madman_ac (Madman_ac)
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License: Creative Commons (by)
LMMS Version: 1.1.3
Submitted: 2017-02-07 23:32:40
Updated: 2017-02-10 17:42:42
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Name: Old school nu vibes.mmpz Download

After long, I've come out with something new. Check this out and of course, any feedback is widely appreciated. Also I can't seem to get rid of some noise (like a short crackle) being generated every time the sidechain takes effect, anyone know how to avoid that? Thanks in advance, I messed with a lot of stuff in this :p


P.S. please advise on professional/mixing level :D

P.S.S. I removed the crackling with a different sidechain technique, cheers :PP

Project Completo

Good work, but there's some problems. Most of this is personal feelings, so don't take all of my criticizing seriously; do what you want :)

1. Too many pauses. I feel like I'm being jerked when I'm listening to this.
2. The tempo speed-up part is off-key on the 1/4 notes.
3. That breathe effect is kind of annoying. I would get rid of it entirely.Posted by: Etorna_Z on 2017-02-08 01:47:39
Thanks David :D The pauses thing is something I've commonly been experimenting with from the beginning because I was thinking those spaces will allow the vocals to keep a stronger hold on the listener's ear, but I use too much of it :p
I didn't understand which part is off key? Is it the song or an instrument?
And the breathe sample. Well, I hate to admit but I can't really visualize samples so I added that as an afterthought along with the reversed sample of "bass!" cut short and reversed to make it sound like "Yeah" to give the song more substance. And I don't really think playing with samples is what LMMS is built for, but granted, that breath is shit annoying :p
Posted by: Madman_ac on 2017-02-08 01:58:49
The off-key part is where the tempo changes from 80 to 108. If you open up the TripleOSC's notes that are playing those are the ones.Posted by: Etorna_Z on 2017-02-08 02:40:32
Oh that was intentional, sorry :pPosted by: Madman_ac on 2017-02-08 10:54:45
this is good like jazz vibe, 5 stars, good lmms musicianPosted by: lgbt on 2017-02-08 19:17:58