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by Ryszard Zrybnicki (rysiek)
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License: Creative Commons (by)
LMMS Version: 1.1.3
Submitted: 2017-02-21 19:22:02
Updated: 2017-02-21 19:22:02
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Name: go east-disco polo.mmpz Download

Eurodance in style of Disco Polo of 90' years. With some accordion melodies.
I know it is not cool ;-) but makes fun.

Comments: the track 'go east - disco polo' in wav extension and remix by Paul Warrior. i don't upload it at lmms share. there is something with the different versions of the software, listeners don't hear the intentional sound. too bad, but wetransfer is a way to get it to you. it's okay to get the track much publicity as you want, and promote on social media. i am not the promoting kind,, Posted by: warrior13 on 2017-02-21 21:16:12
Your remix makes the music so naked and reduced. Only some noises and primitive melody as squeak. Someone try to make the project deep and wide with multiple layer and effect but indeed it is still primitive shit. I am glad that this remix do not have this very loud noises that could break my ears. I listen it with headphone. I have learned to reduce the volume to 5% before I start your mixes. I am also a fun of chip music, which is similar direction, but anyway it should not hurt. Yes we have currently strange situation almost everyone can make "music" using computer. Something that earlier could make only few after years of learning. I mean who can play some real instrument? The using lmms is still difficult but one could use another software with ready edm-packs (loops, samples) and it sounds cool. It sound better that you can do with lmms. We are producing information rubbish. (overinformation, noises). The music here is not the worse case, consider the millions of useless text on facebook or twitter, or millions of photos, videos. Promoting to be popular. We should be honest, no chance. I am already glad that with some clicks I can also make the same that so called "artists". They are naked.Posted by: rysiek on 2017-02-22 08:40:58 maybye try to make own samples? it's a mp3 wav cutting software free open source .. Posted by: warrior13 on 2017-02-22 10:49:27
if you are able to make some money - one way or another - start to invest in quality multi media things. buy good loudspeakers, buy good earphones. it pays off in the end. quality should be No1.

z\/Posted by: warrior13 on 2017-02-25 08:35:41
i experienced the Commodore 64 with his ( for that time ) really cool sound results. we had a drummachine, and we could programm tunes into electronic. then there was a time we had no computer, then came the pc, it took a while for that to become a serious DAW. i am for open source no matter what people say about FLstudio. information should be free, for this platform goes ´try to make a unique sound. to come up with your own sound, a few have a distinct style in producing, other copy like banana. also, go with the flow, but if the flow has too many competitors, just take the other way, trap, or dubstep sound cool, but have had their peaks with artists already. ZxPosted by: warrior13 on 2017-02-27 05:48:26
and don´t focus on USA. they listen to hiphop and country, for that in europe with its rich development in electronic dance and techno, is way more the thing for the future. hits can come for everywhere and i hope one day even in china can read this platform, i was under the idea they have blocked it with a wall, these days everybody wants to build walls. pink floy / the wall.

also think of your presentation on soundcloud, use nice pictures. just give it an extra mile. be the artist you want to be. maybye too mellow to say, but follow the heart. don´t buy plays on soundcloud, it´s not real, it´s marketing scam from usa, so was i told lately....
Posted by: warrior13 on 2017-02-27 06:03:42 i rather don´t endorse products, but i heard this are the bass earphones.. that are ok. just for your information.... they are cheap, could be imitation, but basically they are from the same factory +Posted by: warrior13 on 2017-02-27 06:25:48 most users at this platform know the way to this open source software, it enables you to make your own digital animation movie, videoclip.... it has a distinctive learning curve, and some people trip on it....Posted by: warrior13 on 2017-02-27 06:32:59 if you can let the funk get to you and make it groovy, you might have a shot at this remix contest.. they ask for house records. we used to call it mellow over here in the house days. Posted by: warrior13 on 2017-03-04 12:03:42