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by Skitzoid Coder (skitzoid)
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Submitted: 2017-02-28 05:35:38
Updated: 2017-02-28 05:35:38
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Name: Give and Take and Leave a Wake.mmpz Download

This was my first project, and i think it's pretty good for a first project. this is also an old song, as in I made it a long time ago. But i decided to upload it here. this song is what came of my head as an interpretive expression of my story.

tell me what you think!

Think your song as a story. It needs to kinda come around to a point where the beginning and middle made sense. Looking at your song editor you introduce an instrument and then never use it again. This is okay if it's a minor sound (an effect or something of that sort) but this is more like a character that is revealed to have cancer, but then the cancer is never talked about again and becomes irrelevant. Yeah.. so repetition is what makes music good and catchy. This is more like a journey that is going nowhere. I would suggest you to read about popular song structures:
You might think that you're being innovative or something and that you want to break boundaries, but in reality even music has some rules...Posted by: Squatro on 2017-03-02 15:24:34
hahahahahaha this song make me laugh i dont know why i cannot hear the kick drum i listen.........................but no kick maybe my ears gettin old from listen to rubbish on lmms 90% who knows but i am glad 10% sounds goodPosted by: lgbt on 2017-03-08 14:21:31