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by Peter F (Peter F)
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License: Green openmusic
LMMS Version: 1.1.3
Submitted: 2017-03-26 11:52:04
Updated: 2017-03-26 11:52:04
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Rating:    44
Name: Robert Miles - Children.mmpz Download

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Man, this is pretty neat!Posted by: J.A.R. on 2017-03-26 22:17:17
peterf! 5 starPosted by: lgbt on 2017-03-27 04:57:29
Super... only "clean guitar" sound not good, the rest is good imitation.. 5* from me :)Posted by: gdd71 on 2017-03-27 08:28:07
Personally, I'm not 100% satisfied with kick, bass, clean guitar, res pad and arpeggio sound. But piano and jarre strings are quite good imitations of the original. Anyway thanks a lot for all your positive feedback!!!Posted by: Peter F on 2017-03-27 09:03:05