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by ash (ash)
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LMMS Version: 1.1.3
Submitted: 2017-05-30 05:45:55
Updated: 2017-05-30 05:45:55
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Future bass drop yay #iluvfuturbass

ill finish this off sometime soon and upload it to my soundcloud :D Posted by: ash on 2017-05-30 05:48:00
allow a rating or comment someonePosted by: ash on 2017-05-30 09:55:34
Isn't that the same lead as in "Dreams"? :DPosted by: vespertine on 2017-05-30 10:53:39
hehe i use the same lead for most of my songs :DPosted by: ash on 2017-05-30 11:04:52
why did i get a 2 star rating :(Posted by: ash on 2017-06-01 12:52:22
lol this is bs probably some trollPosted by: ash on 2017-06-01 12:54:33
It's weird!!! There are many people who only vote at 1 star. It happens to me too.Posted by: benbou92 on 2017-06-01 13:21:56
exactly ikr there is one big mastermind behind this evil scheme...Posted by: ash on 2017-06-02 04:08:41
are there any moderators on this website?Posted by: ash on 2017-06-02 04:09:10