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by Gingka Akiyama (GingkathFox)
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License: Creative Commons (by)
Submitted: 2017-06-03 18:07:18
Updated: 2017-06-03 18:09:13
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Rating:    6
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A modified version of ArcKloud's Subbass.
Change Log:
Removed all Effects( Besides C* Eq2x2)

A nice simple sub bass.
Very useful. I expect to use this in a song soon.
(Btw, the reason it has 2 stars total is that some idiot is going around rating everything 1 star. I intend to call him out when I get time to.)Posted by: Bildawl on 2017-06-24 13:52:32
sry fer l8 comment
meh, i dont care about ratings, and could u send me the link to the song?
Posted by: GingkathFox on 2017-07-06 17:22:47