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by Mister Sislak (msislak)
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Submitted: 2017-06-26 20:50:37
Updated: 2017-06-26 20:50:37
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Name: Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal.mmpz Download

Songs from Michael Jackson produced by Quincy Jones are my favorites. Sorry for not exact remake. The quality of original mixing from 1986 is amazing, it was still analog era.

Nice, but replace "nasty_rim01.ogg" -> sh*t :)Posted by: gdd71 on 2017-06-27 10:51:34
Indeed I have searched long for suitable snare. The original has some quite specific and also very distinct snare. Probably it should remain on gun shot. Anyway I tried to eq it to be more subtle but obviously failed to do it right ;-(Posted by: msislak on 2017-06-27 11:27:58